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About Quality Fleece
One of the very few remaining American Manufactureres.
For more than 3 decades, we have successfully manufactured our products. Now located  in Westport Massachusetts, we have some of the best and innovative designs, state-of-the-art sewing machines, talented staff and custom embroidery. Since we make what we sell we have the ability to meet your needs. Our products use high quality non-pillable washable fleece. Sadly, Malden MillsŪ, the company that set the standard in polyester fleece fabrics, no longer exists, but be assured you will find our fleece fabrics have the quality you are seeking.
We have made quality fleece items for clients including retail stores, embroidery and promotional companies, as well as individual organizations such as schools, non-profits, nursing homes and a variety of others.
We are pleased to be their supplier of choice and have established long term relationships based on our superb quality, flexible payment and delivery terms, unqiue offerings and "have it your way" attitude.
Need a blanket of a particular size not in our standard collection? Simply use our Request Form with your details and we'll reply to you shortly.
Made in the USA (Massachusetts) has made a difference to many of our customers who have learned that supporting local product and helping the US labor force will benefit all of us.
Our skilled sewers, designers and embroiderers have gone beyond expectations in their love of their work, and their enthusiasm for the clients' goals, is evidenced by the many testimonials we receive.
During this time of economic crisis, we have been able to continue supplying our customers and  provide them quality products and generous terms enabling them to suceed in their own businesses.
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Private Label available too.
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